Capable * Confident * Curious


Hedgehog Class (F2)

Teacher Miss Barthorpe

Squirrel Class (Y1,2)

Teacher Mrs Rowles

Woodpecker Class (Y2/3)

Teacher Mrs Down

Fox Class (Y4/5)

Teacher Mrs Sutherland

Deer Class (Y5/6)

Teacher Mrs Thom


Sycamore – blue

Oak – green

Beech – red

Willow – yellow

Pupils may earn smilies for good work, good effort or other positive behaviour. One smiley equals 1 housepoint.

House points are totalled each week and house captains read the totals in celebration assembly on a Friday morning. A cup is presented to the house with the highest total at the end of each term.

The houses compete against each other at the annual sports day.

Healthy Minds

(As discussed at a staff meeting, School Council and School Forum).

Snacks that are permitted

Fresh fruit

Raw vegetables

Raisins or other dried fruit

Plain biscuits, e.g. Rich Tea,Digestives

Plain crackers

Snacks that are not permitted

Nuts of any kind (due to children with allergies)

Biscuits with jam, e.g. Jammy Dodgers


Chocolate of any kind

Chocolate biscuits

Processed fruit, e.g. Fruit Strings

Crisps/Pringles/Cheddars/Monster Munch etc.

Lunch boxes can include 'treat' items (max 2) to be eaten in the dining hall as part of lunch.

School Council

Our School Council has representatives from each year group within school and meets every two weeks. Class representatives are responsible for raising any class issues at School Council meetings, when appropriate.

The School Council has a Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Press Officer and is overseen by Mrs Down. Year 6 representatives remain on the School Council for a year. All other representatives are re-elected each term. Pupils may only be a representative once in any year group.

School Prayer

Dear Lord, we praise you,

For creating this whole, wide world,

For our talents,

For the new day,

For listening to our prayers.

Dear Lord, we thank you,

For creating us,

For making us all special,

For the gift of love,

For helping us to keep safe.

Dear Lord, we ask you to help us to strive for a better future,

To respect ourselves and one another,

To share our thoughts and feelings,

To try our best in everything we do,

And to welcome others into our big family.

All this we pray in the name of Jesus.