As a Church of England primary school, we have a distinctly Christian ethos, where shared respect, compassion and consideration for other faiths are all valued and celebrated.

We have close links with the local church and the Diocese of Oxford.

While our Collective Worship deals with Christian themes, links are made to the faiths represented in our community.

We believe it is crucial that children gain knowledge about the main religions represented in Britain at present as well as having a good foundation in the Christian faith and belief. Therefore, RE is taught according to the local Agreed Syllabus which is also recommended by the Diocese. This involves children learning about at least the six major world faiths. The children also learn about Christianity using The ‘Understanding Christianity’ scheme.

our Worship table

our collective worship

our prayer spaces

School Prayer

Dear Lord, we praise you,

For creating this whole, wide world,

For our talents,

For the new day,

For listening to our prayers.

Dear Lord, we thank you,

For creating us,

For making us all special,

For the gift of love,

For helping us to keep safe.

Dear Lord, we ask you to help us to strive for a better future,

To respect ourselves and one another,

To share our thoughts and feelings,

To try our best in everything we do,

And to welcome others into our big family.

All this we pray in the name of Jesus.