Uniform and Equipment


With our uniform, we aim for our pupils to dress smartly and appropriately.

Choose from;

Grey long or short trousers

Grey pinafore dress or skirt

Green and white checked dress

Plain black or grey or white long or short socks

White short sleeved shirt or polo t-shirt


Dark green Bucklebury sweatshirt or cardigan available from Brigade or the school office.

Plain black footwear  (see opposite for examples)

Jewellery and watches

For reasons of safety and security, only stud earrings may be worn.

For reasons of safeguarding and welfare, pupils should not bring mobile phones or smart devices into school. 

[With prior agreement from the headteacher, a child in upper school who travels to/ from school alone may submit a mobile phone to the school office.]

Pupils may wear a small watch but this must be removed for PE. 

Watches that connect to the internet are not permitted.

In addition, for PE and other activities all children require:-

PE kit;

Football style shorts (not cycle shorts)

Green Bucklebury School PE T-Shirts available from Brigade.

Trainers (not plimsols)

Football Boots  / Astro trainers (rubber studs only, NO METAL)

[**Fox, Deer  - Football Shin pads** ]

This must be kept in a named drawstring bag to save space.

During winter/spring terms or if muddy:-

Wellington boots

'Outdoor' Trainers for break / lunch play

Waterproof/warm coat

Tracksuit trousers and PE sweatshirt

In Summer:-

Sun hat

Any earrings not removed will be covered with tape during P.E. lessons. Children’s hair must be tied back at all times. Hair gel and nail varnish is not permitted.

Pupil equipment list 23-24

Hedgehog - to be supplied and stored in classroom cupboards to share

Glue stick x 2

Coloured pencils (12 pack)


Felt tip pens (12 pack)

1 x box of tissues

1 x baby wipes pack

Spare clothes; underwear, socks, t-shirt, trousers (In PE bag please)

Book bag for daily use to and from school

Woodpecker - to be supplied and stored in individual pencil cases

Pencil Case

Writing pencils HB

Pencil sharpener

Glue stick

30cm clear ruler

Coloured pencils (12 pack)

Felt tip pens (12 pack)

Plain rubber

Purple pens - biro 

1 x box of tissues

Small bag or book bag for daily use to and from school

Fox, Deer- to be supplied and stored in individual pencil cases

1 x pencil case (this MUST easily fit in their tray)

HB writing pencils

Coloured pencils (max 12 pack)

Felt Tip pens (max 12 pack)

30cm clear ruler

Glue stick

Plain rubber

Pencil sharpener

Blue pens (biro or gel, not fibre tip)



Purple biros

Small back pack for daily use to and from school

All stationery can be purchased through FOBS - please speak to school office