Governors come from a variety of backgrounds. We look for people with specific skills or experience to join us, so that we maintain a balance of skills within the overall team.

The Governing Board

Laurence Littlechild – Chair, LA Governor

Andy Higgs – Headteacher

Vacant – Foundation (Ex-Officio)

Libby Weedon– Foundation

Kerry Gaumont – Staff

Vacancy - Parent

Carl Giacomet - Parent

Jenny Burrage– Co -opted

Vacancy – Co-opted

Mat Cooke – Co-opted

DfE governance record can be accessed here

Contact and Documents

The board can be contacted via the Clerk;


Click here for FGB Minutes

Click here for general board documents including

Governance Statement

Standing Orders

FGB Attendance Record

FGB Business Interests

FGB Instrument of Government

Roles and Responsibilities

Academic Committee

Libby Weedon - Chair

Andy Higgs - Headteacher

Kerry Gaumont

Jenny Burrage

Business Committee

Mat Cooke - Chair

Andy Higgs - Headteacher

Laurence Littlechild

Carl Giacomet

Safeguarding Governor

Jenny Burrage